Norbert Banik – Photography

When I take photos, I try to extract what for me is visually special and unique about a scene. I impulsively try to capture the complexity of a perspective or the vehemence of a discovery: To find beauty and give it a frame.

Most of the time a photo is taken completely spontaneously – or in search of a lasting impression, a mood or the aura of an object or a constellation. For me, a photo is successful when it has a clear presence, when it resonates, when the viewer can find a certain personal “revelation” in it. Overall, I give the immediate visual impression priority over a thematic statement.

Core themes of my photographic work are architecture, landscape, sculpture, and art objects. Impressions of nature and various studies of structure, light and shadow are also part of it. However, I am not determined to specific themes or genres, but rather instinctively follow a continuous flow of stimuli.

Etana: Sumerian mythology, first king after the deluge, epithet “the shepherd who ascended to heaven”, ca. 2300 BC.